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it lots of fun me and my friends love it lots of different things to blend

Never gets old

Fun and great but could use some more ingredients but it says coming soon so worth buying!


I love this game

More ingredients please!

I love this app, but I really like making green smoothies. Could you please put more veggies,fruit and yogurts? Like avocado, kale , spinach, carrot, cauliflower, watermellon, blueberry yogurt and strawberry yogurt. These things will make it even better!


FINALLY!!! Great app!! I have all of the food apps and this 1 is the best!! Love it!!!!!!!!!

The best game on my iPod

This game is the best thank you for the app and I hope that everyone in the world is enjoying this app as much as I enjoy this app. F.y.i BEST GAME YET

Awesome <3

omg i cant stop making smoothies...


More Smoothies has become one of the most addicting games Ive played yet!! The white gummy bear concoction is my favorite! Makes me want to go buy a smoothie now. Yum! Great app, looking forward to maybe More Shakes as an ad-on??

So fun!!

I cannot stop making smoothies!! Literally hundreds of thousands of different smoothies I could possibly make! The graphics are top notch and I cant wait for more apps from fuller studios!!! 5 stars, bravo!


I was totally skeptical of this app cuz of all the horrible ones put there. But I loved more tacos and the chocolate app these guys did and I was blown away. The graphics and interface and stuff makes me so happy for smoothies geez




It is a great app,sooo realistic. I am addicted!


Fun buy it without delay! Please add more ingredients other wise its really fun and addictive keeps u busy -Sarah A.


I love this game! Its very entertaining. The only thing is I think they should add more ingredients. Otherwise great app!

Please fix bug

Hi I have a 1 gen iPod touch and when I bought this app and after it was done loading when I clicked on the app it wouldnt let me play it would take me back to my iPod touch screen... Please fix because I really want to play this game!!!!


This is a piece of junk so far but maybe it wouldnt be if I could actually PLAY IT!!!!! It freaking crashes everytime! I didnt pay $1 for this!! FIX it SOON!!!

more smoothies

good. looking forward to updates. keep making apps like more pasta more cakes more soup and more

Boring after 1st time

I do NOT like this app! It is the worst app I have ever bought!!!!


>=( BOOOOOO!!!!!! Im sending them a complaint GIVE ME MY MONEY!!!!!!!!


Omg one of the best games EVA!! I use it all the time! I made my own called Mango Pinapple Pardise! Please never get rid of it!!! Keep going! The only reason people dont like it is because they dont know how to use it right....!

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